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Facial PDO Threading

Facial PDO Threading is a minimally invasive technique used to lift and tighten sagging tissues in the mid and lower face. This is a non-surgical alternative to a traditional facelift and is growing in popularity, having been successfully performed in 55 countries around the world. II is now available in Botswana, with Dr Tau Dental Spa offering this world renowned treatment.


What is Threading?

The PDO Threading procedure involves using various lengths of thin acupuncture sterile needles to embed dissolving threads deep underneath the surface of the skin.  The threads are placed strategically into the dermis where they act as a frame for lifting and tightening loose and sagging skin. The material from which the threads are made, Polydioxanone, is a safe substance that keeps the skin in its new tightened state for 4-6 months, whilst also synthesizing new collagen production. The lasting result will provide the skin with a fresh, well rested and firm look whilst supporting new collagen formation for long lasting results.


What areas can be treated?

At Dr Tau Dental Spa we treat the following areas:


Nasolabial folds

Jaw line definition

Eye Brow lifting

To enhance a V-shaped facial outline.

What can be expected during the procedure?

Thread Lift is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia. The patient remains awake and alert during the procedure, but will be unaware of any pain. The total treatment time is approximately one hour, and the patient will be able to continue with her daily activities after treatment.


The threads dissolve in a natural manner over a course of 8 months but the rejuvenation and tightening effect of these threads lasts for 2-3 years due to continual collagen stimulation. This thread lift procedure is also known as the embedded threading " Pay as You Go Face Lift" as the lifting threads can be inserted over a period of 3-6 months depending on the budget of the patient.


What are the non surgical advantages of Threading?

No hospitalization required

No rejection of sutures or significant side effects

Sutures are totally resorbable

A non-aggressive procedure

No scarring

Threads can be combined or supplemented with other cosmetic medical procedures such as Botox, Fillers, Mesotherapy etc.


What is the cost of a PDO threading procedure?

Cost starts at P400 per thread.

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